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W12 Festival

Location: Wormholt Park

Date: 04/09/2021

In general, there was a positive response on the approach for the project and many residents seemed excited about the outcomes. There were a range of co-design activities that took place on the day. These included: 1. Sharing of precedent images of community spaces, buildings, play spaces and landscape in order to gather feedback on what design elements would work best in the new development 2. A community adjacency model exercise to gather ideas on how and where community indoor/outdoor spaces should be placed 3. A co-design playground workshop to gather suggestions on what a children's playground could have.

Here's some of the feedback we heard on the day:

1.When looking at the adjacency model exercise, some residents suggested having community provision spread across the estate while others preferred having a central location to maximise outdoor open spaces.

2. Many of the residents showed interest in designing community spaces which allowed for both social and creative spaces like a teaching kitchen and makers space. Sensory landscapes, natural play, play on the way, water features and community allotment spaces were some ideas that were suggested and welcomed as a part of the landscaping for the estate.

3.Residents would like for the existing gym area to be designed as accessible for all ages, genders and ethnic groups.

4.Youth zones: We met with young people from the estate who would like to see more outdoor spaces accommodating their age group. These included skate parks and BMX tracks. Indoor spaces that provided after school provisions like libraries, computer rooms were also suggested.

5.Co-Design play workshop: We had more than 50 children participate in creating their dream playgrounds. These models highlighted zip lines, giant swings, monkey bars, a labyrinth of slides and a multi-coloured football pitches which could work as parts of designing a playground

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