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Co-design playground session

Location: White City Playground, W12 Festival - Wormholt Park

Date: 10/08/21; 04/09/21

We set up a model making station in the playground and got local creative play experts (aka children living on the estate) to build the kinds of play equipment they want to see in their dream playground.

The co-design 'your dream playground' session held with young children was very well engaged with. Children came up with ideas through their imagination and also based on other playgrounds they enjoyed spending their time in.

Here’s a list of the type of equipment co-designed by children:

1. Tall features like swings, zip line features and slides.

2. Colorful and playful flooring and landscape.

3. Natural play elements to jump over, climb and sit on. Defined entrances, gate structures and sheltered spaces.

4. Net swings, hammocks

5. Trampoline

6. Surrounding trees and planting.

7. Surf swings, belt swings

8. Modular Climbing features that could be built by children eg : stacked tyres

9. Adventure play features like zip lines, climbing nets, monkey bars, tower and tunnel features.

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