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Community Spaces Inside and Out

Location: Bridget Joyce Square, W12 festival ( Wormholt park )

Date: 26/08/21; 04/09/21

We spoke to 65 people, and received several comments on precedent example images of community spaces shown on the day. We also gathered qualitative findings on the community spaces model exercise.

We were joined by many operators during this session from Adventure Play, the community center, Randolph Beresford and a few more especially in the adjacency model discussion. Understanding which spaces benefited from being next to each other and those that had to be seperated was very valuable feedback from both site operators and residents.

Summary on Precedent images :

-Based on the precedent image engagement activity, residents highlighted important features that needed to be considered while designing community centers, outdoor gym equipment and play areas for White City.

-Community Spaces that were well received represented a lot of open spaces, ample amount of natural light entering the space and spaces that encourage communities to come together to share skills.

-Other key outdoor features highlighted: Play spaces that incorporated natural play elements, gym spaces that are accessible to both men and women, spaces that are teen friendly and ideas of play on the streets were well received.

Community spaces model exercise

Based on the feedback we received from the model making activity, these are some of the key insights local people told us on the adjacencies of where certain services could be placed:

1. Nursery and cafe could be on the ground floor with community uses stacked up with the hall

2. Consider usage, exclusion and safeguarding while stacking services - Accessibility is important

3. Community center building should not be too tall

4. Cafe should be child friendly / overlooking playgrounds to help parents (this could be slightly raised). - Team up with the local community cafe on Bloemfontein road to remove competitiveness of the space.

5. Staggered heights and sculptural elements could work within the space.

6. Consider keeping community center and SEN closer together

7. Some residents were not in favour of apartments with Tescos on the ground floor

8. Low-rise residential units were preferred.

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