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Sands End Community Centre visit

Location: Sands End, Fulham

Date: 16/08/21

We took residents to visit Sands End Community Centre in Fulham which was designed by Mae Architects. The study trip was attended by 8 residents.

About Sands End

Sands End Community Centre was created as part of a new entrance to South park in Fulham, and designed as a communal space where residents could stop to have a coffee/tea, take part in activities and socialise.

The plan was designed to be very simple and flexible so users can feel welcomed and comfortable to use the space.

The Community centre includes a working space in the refurbished Lodge space and a nursery annexe which also accommodates other uses. The entire space was designed to be flexible giving freedom on how the spaces will be used throughout the months/years. Almost every room has access to the park with large windows from floor to ceiling bringing a lot of natural lights inside.

Residents and other stakeholders involved were keen on using a timber structure to make the building as sustainable as possible. Throughout the building you can find windows at different heights and across rooms allowing natural ventilation and control of temperature.

The building is also equipped with a boiler unit which heats the whole centre with underfloor heating.

What we heard from you :

The residents were very pleased and impressed with the quality of the space and the large windows giving access to the outdoor spaces. "Having something similar on White City would be a huge plus!"

Feedback received on each space in the Sands End Community Centre

Entrance Lobby & amenities: Residents liked the idea of a communal space near the entrance where you can wait/read a book. There were some concerns on the management of the space and accessibility if this were to go ahead in White City.

Main Hall & amenities: Residents were impressed with the structure and the design of the space. They felt the main hall was a bit small, especially for sports activities like indoor football. They would like to have a bigger space in White City and potentially a second one outdoors.

  • Cafe & Kitchen: Residents would love to have a similar cafe and kitchen on the estate as they feel a place to have a coffee and socialise with other members of the community is currently missing.

  • This space was loved by younger demographics who attended the session as well. They loved the connection and openness to The Lodge Courtyard and being able to access the park directly from the community centre.

  • They thought that White City might need a bigger space with locally employed individuals working at the centre.

Outdoor spaces:

-They love the idea of having views from the inside looking over to the park and trees.

-There were concerns by some residents about not having any fences/gates around the outdoor spaces. "Management and access need to be agreed."

The Lodge & amenities: Residents were curious about the exposed ceiling and the construction, joinery and acoustic detailing that went into its design. They like the idea of using this space for art facilities or a study room.

The Nursery facilities: Residents like the idea of having secondary spaces that can be rented out separately from the community centre. The general feel and look of the space was welcomed by White City residents who attended.

Additional comments : Residents suggested they would like the Adventure Playground in White City to be open for all individuals.

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