Aims of the project

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Q: Are any existing Council homes being demolished?

A: No existing council homes will be demolished. The project is looking to build new homes and reprovide new community facilities in the area between India Way and Canada Way.

Q: Are private developers involved in the programme?
A: No, the council is the lead developer of the scheme and there are no private developers who will benefit from the programme. In no case will private developers become involved in the programme at any point.

Q: Why do we need more housing?

A: In response to the housing crisis facing London, the Council are committed to building 1800 new homes by 2030. There are currently 2888 people on the housing wating list in the borough and 220 of those are on White City Estate living in inadequate housing.

Q: How much affordable housing is part of the development?
A: 50% of the homes will be affordable, including a mix of Social rent and Shared Ownership. A local lettings policy will prioritise social housing for residents of the estate in housing need. Number of social homes increased from 50-60% of affordable homes following local feedback. Social rent will be very close to council rent.

Q: Why are some of the new homes for sale as part of the development?

A: In order to pay for new community spaces, play space and affordable homes. The project is not possible without the private sale of some new homes. Private and affordable homes will look the same and will be mixed across the site.

Q: How do I find out more about getting a new home?
A: It is not yet possible to register specifically for any proposed affordable homes. If the project gets planning permission the earliest any homes would be available is late 2025.

The council have committed to a local lettings policy that would prioritise local residents on the housing register for any social housing built in the central area of white city estate. The policy will be developed with residents after planning permission approx 1 year prior to homes being completed.

Finding out if you are eligible for the housing register:

For further information and to apply to join the Housing Register:
Housing Advice Tel no: 020 8753 4198 (Option 1, Option 1)

Affordable Ownership in Hammersmith and Fulham
Finding out more information about Shared ownership in the borough through the Home Buy team:

Home Buy run an appointment only service. Arrange an appointment with a Home Buy Officer on 020 8753 6464 or email h&fHomebuy@lbhf.gov.uk

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Q: What will happen to existing community facilities?
A: A new forest school nursery will be provided for Randolph Beresford. All other in-use community facilities will be re-provided with a space within a large community hub. These spaces have been designed with local organisations. During construction the former health centre will be converted into a temporary community hub and the the nursery will remain in their current location whilst the new space is built.

Q. How tall are the proposed buildings?
A: Community Hub and Nursery are 1-2 storeys high. These are proposed next to St Johns xxiii primary school and opposite Cornwallis house. 


5 storey residential blocks match the existing heights at the edges and are 23 metres away from existing homes in Denham, Champlain, Evans and Mackay House. Daylight studies show no negative impact on existing homes.

There are three points where the height is 6 stories and one point of 9 storeys in the centre of the site. Extra height here means there are enough homes to pay for the project without impacting on daylight into existing homes.


Other options were explored however they would have led to a loss of trees, less open space, or that community buildings had residential above them.

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Q: Have residents been involved in developing the programme?
A: Yes, more than 1000 residents have been involved by telling us their priorities for the area, the facilities they would like, and assisting in the design process. Residents can continue to get involved as we approach planning submission, and residents will be involved in choosing the main contractor for the programme.

Q: What about parking and the impact on services?
A: There are some new parking spaces being provided in the south of the site. Existing parking spaces affected by the development will be re-provided like for like (see diagram shown below). In line with London-wide policy, the new development will only provide parking for residents who have a disability. Wider studies show that local existing, and planned, infrastructure in the area will meet the needs of an increased population.

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Ask us a question:

If you would like to get in touch, please contact us on WhiteCityCentral@lbhf.gov.uk or call us on 020 8748 3020

Meet the team

Hammersmith and Fulham

 The council officers leading on the project 

Mae Architects

The architects researching and designing the new spaces

Farrer Huxley

The landscape architects working on outdoor and play spaces


The engagement team finding out local people’s priorities