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  • Fanechka Fernandes

White City Planting Day

Location:Bridget Joyce Square + Meanwhile garden ( White City Community centre )

Date: 12/06/21

The sun was shining for our planting event on 12 June, and people living in and around the area got involved with planting around the estate. It was a great opportunity to get people's feedback on green and social spaces around the estate.

Residents got involved by engaging in community gardening/ planting and providing feedback on whether or not these spaces worked well. Those who passed by and engaged on the day were quite happy to see the space being taken care of through planting activities by local people. There were some great insights gathered from the event.

How many attended: The event was attended by 32 local people living in and around the estate.

Here are some of the things people told us on the day:

1. Bridget Joyce Square would benefit from social spaces with shaded garden/ seating and space to admire the gardens and other landscape views.

2. Safety during different times of the day should be considered.

3. Showcase Bridget Joyce Square as the heart of the community and take that into consideration when planning routes/ access across the estate.

4. Lack of signage and communication about different services, opportunities and events for the area seem to be a barrier for some people getting involved.

5. For community gardening there should be:

-Resilient plants/ trees

-Access to rainwater systems

-Community gardening/ volunteering in some green spaces

-Access to water (to drink and for watering plants) should be made more easily available.

6. Adventure play boundary and fences could have a more natural feel to it, with wild shrubs, creepers, and poppies.

7. A few residents said there was a requirement for better controlled and secure boundaries for spaces like the Adventure Play around the square. This was due to recent anti-social behaviours and safety issues experienced in the space.

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