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Green Space Walkabout Summary

Date : 15/06/21 - 22/06/21

We walked with residents around the estate to talk about trees and green open spaces they cared about. The overall sentiment of this engagement was positive as it gave an opportunity for residents to walk around the public realm and provide feedback on spaces most important to them.

Residents shared feedback and personal memories of various spaces within the estate. We heard about the trees and planting within the area that were cherished by members of the community and those that could be better maintained. Residents also shared with us concerns over safety and security during different times of the day and the routes that they used most.

How many attended: The event was attended by only 3 residents due to poor weather conditions.

Those who could not attend on the day were provided with maps and feedback sheets to leave their responses.

Here are some of the things people told us on the day:

Bridget Joyce Square:

  • While residents viewed Bridget Joyce Square as a purposeful route through the estate and a safety buffer between the playground and the main road. They did suggest that more could be done within the space to bring the community together.

  • These included better use of SUD's with visual and sensory planting, community gardening and benches and tables to bring people together.

  • In terms of safety and security, people valued the connection to busier and well-lit destination points like Sainsbury's while some also expressed a need for more safety on the route.

Play area near Family annexe:

  • The space could benefit from enhanced social elements such as benches, chairs, and well-maintained lawns that would allow families and older children to socialise and interact.

  • There was a desire to see more hands-on play for special educational needs and tactile elements.

  • Small garden/growing spaces in boxes with creepers was a suggestion to make boundary walls more attractive.

  • People also stressed the importance of better lighting during the night and dog restriction signage/ designated areas for pets.

  • - Natural play elements like the Sand Mound, sand pit were some of the ideas presented including more equipment for older children like skate parks.

Community Center, One world garden:

  • Residents stressed that the one world garden and center need to feel more like a community space as it currently feels very secluded and exclusive

“does not feel open to the local community.”

  • Less boundaries and fencing could make the space feel more welcoming, perhaps as a route through the space should be more utilized and open to people.

New Zealand Way

  • Residents enjoy the beauty of the trees and planting through the route while some mentioned the attraction of more fruit flies within the space.

  • They also suggested that the width of the pathway is nice and could be designed as a space for young adults;

Over 50's meanwhile garden:

  • Ownership of different social community spaces should be a community asset

  • Residents saw a potential use for over 80s and younger people within the space including space to grow, to forage in, community socialising eg: community space to have a bbq, pizza baking and so on.

Outdoor gym:

  • Currently the gym only caters to a particular demographic with increased use during lockdown. It was suggested some people may feel discouraged from using the gym as it’s quite public and centrally located.

  • Many residents value the trees around the outdoor gym and mentioned that it acts like the ‘central lung’ for the area

  • The openness of the gym is preferred as opposed to something that could be fenced in. New and safe apparatus and flooring would make it more appealing and welcoming.

White City Adventure Play

  • Many residents do not want to lose the space and see it as being very valuable for many kids.

  • The trees around the area could be better maintained with attractive boundaries and fences.

  • Connected paths and routes open for the youth through the space would also work well.

Other Suggestions:

  • People would like to see more communal spaces that encourage biodiversity with pockets of soft scape that allow privacy.

  • Holland park and Hammersmith park, particularly the paddle pool were used as references for the play area.

  • Space for creativity allowing children and young adults to express themselves could be encouraged through new designs.

  • They felt that all east-west links, similar to Bridget Joyce Square, should be wide and inviting.

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